Fund for Children and Public Education

The OEA Fund for Children and Public Education (FCPE) is a non-partisan, political action fund for candidates who support the values of public educators. Stand up for public education by making a contribution to the Fund for Children and Public Education today! FCPE funds pro-public education candidates, regardless of party. By contributing to FCPE you are supporting individuals who understand the issues and are actively working to improve our schools and help our students.

We believe…

  • Teachers and Support Staff are committed to the success of every child.
  • Students need to be at the center of education reform.
  • To ensure the success of every child, teachers, students, parents, and POLITICIANS need to be held accountable.

FCPE is ultimately about issues, not candidates. If you care about any of the following issues:

  • Class Size
  • Standardized Tests
  • Salary
  • Common Core
  • Evaluations
  • Value-Added
  • Working Conditions
  • Retirement
  • Compensation and employee benefits
  • Social Security coverage
  • Unemployment coverage
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Medical coverage
  • Licensure/Certification standards and fees
  • FBI/BCI Background checks
  • Conduct and discipline policies
  • Due process rights/suspension/termination/non renewal
  • Tenure
  • Reduction in Force policies
  • Adequate funding
  • Private School vouchers
  • Charter School funding and accountability
  • Length of school year/week/day and calamity days
  • ESEA/No Child Left Behind
  • Planning Time
  • Curriculum and textbooks
  • School lunch menu
  • Health and safety standards
  • Transportation rules and regulations

Then FCPE is important to you, too.

By becoming politically active, we don’t guarantee ourselves success in public policy debates, but it does guarantee us a seat at the policy-making table and allows us to tell our story. The law prohibits members’ dues dollars being used for contributions to candidates for office; therefore, the voluntary FCPE contributions you make are one of the ways we tell the story of what we believe.

How can I donate?

  • go to or through forms handed out through your local association/faculty rep.
  • Locals may have an option for automatic payroll deductions!!
  • When a member donates, what is the process and where does the donation go?
  • Money contributed to the OEA FCPE can be used to support:
    • Governor
    • Attorney General
    • State Auditor
    • Secretary of State
    • State Treasurer
    • Ohio Supreme Court Justices
    • candidates running for the Ohio General Assembly
    • candidates running for the State Board of Education.

Then the process for screening and supporting a pro-public education candidate goes as follows: Every House and Senate District in Ohio has a District Screening Committee made up of local OEA members who donate their time and energy to the screening and endorsement of candidates for the Ohio House of Representatives and the Ohio Senate. The OEA FCPE District Screening Committee notifies candidates of its intent to interview and endorse and sends a legislative questionnaire to be completed. After all candidates are screened, the committee makes its decision by majority vote and that decision is sent to the OEA FCPE State Council for concurrence.